Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What's Ometepe really like?

Ometepe in January is not the Amazon jungle with stifling heat, strength-sapping humidity and swarms of mosquitoes. Of course January isn't the rainy season. Still, traveling from Puget Sound to 11 degrees above the equator is a change and the daytime heat hit hard the first few days. The rain on the third day was refreshing rather than oppressive. And when the winds picked up there was a nice fresh breeze. And you can always sneak off to the Villa Paraiso for ice cream. Their terrace sits above the beach with a constant breeze.

Yeah, there are bugs, but they mostly eat the mosquitoes and are generally harmless. Even the big ones. I missed the tarantula, easily booted a scorpion out the door and stomped my way into the toilets yelling go away! Speaking of the toilets ... the tissue goes in the basket not the bowl. That took a little getting used to.

I didn't know or think to take an electric hot water kettle - electric is the same standard as US. A little hot water for washing (or a cuppa tea if I hadn't lost the tea bags in Granada) would have been lovely. Taking a mountain-spring cold water shower at any time of the day isn't my idea of fun. Not even in the heat. I did buy a bucket at the hardware store to fill with water to leave out in the sun. By 3pm I had the makings of a nice hot sponge bath. And I left the bucket behind as a gift to finca neighbors.

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