Friday, January 20, 2006

Another Typical Roasting Day at the Finca

Things don't always happen on schedule or planning on this island. The trip to Altagracia to revisit Obregón family had to be postponed. Instead it was a full roasting morning at the finca. Cristina, now one of the maestras of the roaster, roasted about 16 kilos. My dear friend Doña Lidia came to see the new roaster in action, it is big news on the paths of Balgüe. Elizabeth, Ed, Lidia's youngest, Alexander, and Emily were on the scene. Emily made some voice recordings of Cristina explaining the roasting process. All were excited to see, smell and hear the roasting. The audio I will be able to use in the El Proyecto Tostador movie project.

Cristina shows the green beans (above) that bucket was full at the start today, it holds about 13 kilos of green bean (or oro). Cristina loading the RK drum cylinder (right). More visitors are seen clutching their pound bags of fresh roasted coffee. The Igors, now back on the other island are going to put together a box of spare stuff to have brought down to the finca folk.

And there's me with Lidia - an amazing, astute, and wise woman. Lidia's kitchen is *the* place for lunch if you are fortunate to be invited.

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