Friday, January 06, 2006

Las tres caballeras

A morning trip to visit Dona Lidia's house and family. Some of us walked. Some took the bus. Elisa, Celina and I rode. It was great fun. These horses have manners under saddle but they bite, kick - however they all stood still when I sponged their backs after the saddles were removed at the end of the ride.

The weather today was mild, breezy and just plain perfect for a ride. I can't imagine coming home to Bainbridge winter. BTW Dona Lidia is an amazing hostess. Lunch was to die for.

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Robertito has a large fan club!

Who needs toys when there are so many friends to visit!?!

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Karla and the Literacy Program

Photos by Ilse and Celina: Karla and the children in the literacy program visit el groupo at the finca and put the supplies to good use immediately.

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