Saturday, January 28, 2006

Winter siesta time

The photos speak for themselves, need I say more... Manrrique is adjusting.. He did tell me that he thought "people" were lying when they told him that it was very cold here and that he would need a coat, sweaters, a hat and gloves etc. but now he is a believer! The poor guy has gone 2 days now without Arroz y Frijoles and Platanos; I think he may be dying from hunger.
We went to our first fiesta together last night at Salty's (a company party). He really didn't want to go. Before the food arrived he told me he was bored. I told him I was waiting for the food. Once in line he said I don't like anything here, I am not going to eat, I told you I wanted to stay home. But once I started telling him what the food was and he recognized items like spaghetti and meat, etc he ate and he then said it was good. We got stuck in Seattle due to the Coleman Dock closing because of a bomb threat. We had arrived in plently of time for the 7:20 Seattle sailing, but left Seattle at 8pm to drive around. To bad it wasn't day light so he could see the views from the Tacoma Narrows bridge as well as the new bridge and the Agatepass bridge. Oh well there will be more opportunites.

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