Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prior to our trip, Diane had informed us of the desire for soccer cleats and balls. Some of us asked around and were able to collect several pairs of soccer cleats and a half dozen soccer balls. Javier, a soccer coach in Balgue for 14-16 year old boys set up a time that we could meet with 3 community teams. When we arrived at the field there were about 20 boys waiting for us. Unfortunately, however, they were only the boys from Javier's team in Balgue. The 2 other communities failed to show. Javier voiced his embarrassment as he is a very energized individual wanting to help the local youth. Diane explained to the boys what was in the suitcases we had brought and though not every one would get a pair of cleats we are aware that soccer is an enjoyment of theirs and that we would do what we could to encounter more equipment. You should have seen the excitement. The boys could hardly wait for the bags to be opened. Some shoes fit and others were too small even for the smallest boys. Even the shoes that didn't fit were held close as if they might grow larger. Javiar told us the team had a dream and that was to have a brother team on Bainbridge that some day they might be able to play. We have the sizes the boys still need and will be collecting shoes that hopefully can go down with the high school delegation this spring.

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