Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pilgrims Arrive

Tuesday evening I walked down to D&L's house, there was a strange vehicle on the side path near the house, Washington state plates. Elizabeth and Ed had reached their destination of the trip that began on October 1 on Bainbridge Island. One of the hardest legs was getting their VW camper onto the island, especially in light of the ferry sinking. Apparently they had to make several trips, back and forth, between Granada and Rivas. Finally they got on a freight transport from Granada to Ometepe. Many other stories of their adventure which are best if they tell them.

Last night, Wednesday, was Cine Noche Finca Magdalena - Ever was able to borrow a projector from Lenin in Altagracia, Santos got a white sheet up on the wall of the old bodega, and it was movie time. I showed Peter and Margo's film from a village in the Kaberamaido district of Uganda. The village had just completed a clean water well supported by the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island - this is the project that Coop Carlos Diaz Cajina, Finca Magdalena, is helping to fund. There was quite a big turn out on the veranda. The Uganda movie was followed by a color cartoon, fake ad for dog bisquits featuring Lenny and Maddie (the Adler/Carroll Viszla clan, Ollie had not joined the family yet), and finally the slide show of last year's BOSIA coffee delegation, my first tip to Ometepe. Everyone had a great time and the movies were a big hit. I was not aware until this morning that one of the subjects in the slide show was present. There is a photo of a flute-maker selling his instruments in the square in Granada, with two tiny dogs. Carlos, from Guatemala, was in the audience last night but I did not see him until this morning. A nice surprise to see him again and his flutes. He has been to Japan and is now making shakuhachi style flutes in addition to the Peruvian and Guatemalan ones.

Thanks to Diane and Kris for the photos and news of the ferry sinking. Details have not been forthcoming here so good to have a blog to consult for the latest news. I stayed up too late last night, i.e. 11pm, and since I have been getting up with the sun everyday, about 5:45am, I think I need a hammock nap. Tomorrow, Friday, off to visit La Familia Obregón, and check in with Dorrita in the BOSIA office - probably will be gone most of the day. More to come on Saturday.
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Anonymous celina said...

Wow, what a great idea! Wish i had been there to see the gathering - I bet the tourists were interested too. Have a good time in Altragracia!

January 19, 2006  
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