Saturday, January 07, 2006

On the road again

Ernesto says hasta luego to his friend Wes as we leave the finca Sat. Jan 7th

Today, Saturday, we leave the finca to go to Moyoguelpa, then catch a 6am Sunday ferry to Rivas, bus to San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast, back to Don Alfredo´s hostel in Granda in the evening. We´ll spend Sun. through Tues in Granada, the oldest city in the Americas. Most of us fly home on Wed. Diane, Manrrique y Robertito and David Adler return to Ometepe for another two weeks. David and Lisa Mitchel are down here through January as well. Our group, especially Adler, will continue to blog over the next several weeks. We have wonderful stories, pictures and experiences to share. Stay tuned ...

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