Monday, January 23, 2006


Este ultimá noche. Today David M. and I went to Altagracia, a couple of erands like hardware store, and a visit and lunch at mi familia de Altagracia, Juan José y Luz Marina y todo sus familia. So good to see them one more time and a chance to eat una comida deliciosa de Luz Marina. This time seven year old Erenia, my Spanish teacher from last year's visit, was there, I really wanted to see her and missed her on my first visit a few weeks ago - I have an invite to her house the next time.

Before leaving this island I wanted to express my gratitude to BOSIA and a few people in particular - who made the roaster project possible and successful. El proyecto tostador is not a BOSIA project but I would never have even conceived of it if not for the Sister Island relationship that brought me here first a year ago. It was a real treat to be able to visit with Kim and Ela on Ometepe, these are the people who first gave life to BOSIA twenty years ago. Evidence of the work of BOSIA is everywhere on Ometepe, and when an Ometepino discovers you are from Bainbridge Island the gratitude is expressed in words and welcome.

David and Lisa M., Diane, Elizabeth, and Peter A., Manrrique, and that special baby, Robertito, were all so helpful and full of encouragement. Much thanks to Peter Kauffman, who had to stay in the rain on Bainbridge in January, he helped me gather the necessary ingredients so the roaster could come together on Ometepe. Thanks and gratitude to Ron Kyle, the guy who makes the fine crafted RKDrum, the heart of the new roaster. Ron threw in extra hardware, and made a nice hand crank for just in case. And thanks to Erick, Diane's friend in Managua, who got the Fiesta grill and the cooling fan at the Managua Pricesmart. Erick then, with uncanny timing, drove up in his jeep with grill box and fan just as we were walking out of the airport terminal in Managua the evening of Dec. 27. Gracias also for all my co-workers at ZymoGenetics in Seattle, who supported my dream for el proyecto tostador throughtout the year and made it possible for me to be gone from my job for a whole month.

La gente de Cooperativa Carlos Diaz Cajina #1 will continue to be an inspiration to me. Carmen, Aura, Cristina y todas las tostadoras; Santos (current president of the cooperativa), Felix, Francisco, Pedro, José Maria, Ever, and all the socios and workers, thanks for your openness and friendship, I look forward to more experiments at Finca Magdalena in the future. Mi grupo, Ometepe en Enero - all the roaster stuff would not have gotten to Finca Magdalena nor set up and functioning so quickly without everyone's help and gracious participation - muchas gracias al grupo incluyendo dos Igors - and of course special appreciation to mi espousa, Kris, for coming with me - so much to talk about and incredible, new shared experiences.

It's late on Ometepe and I get up at sunrise, so, buenas noches todo. I will post again from my other desk on the other island - many more photos to show, check in at in a few weeks or so.
(el tostador tonto)

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