Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Getting up at 4am

Ok, yes, it's true I threatened everyone - that they MUST be ready to leave the Posada at 4:30am; at 4:33 I might still let them on the bus but at 4:35, forget it. And they were ALL on time, though the bus to take us to Managua was a half hour late. But everyone was too dazed to complain. Heard I slept through the near miss bus crash (something about passing a bus into on-comming semi?), but I did manage to pay our driver per instructed by Diane. We all made it to the right gate, bought a few last minute items in the gift shops and boarded at 6:30 am for Houston. I figured my job was done.

OK, yes, Enriquetta and I should have waited at baggage for everyone else to make it through customs. But we two smokers wanted a fix so we grabbed our checked luggage and took off. Sorry, sorry, sorry you all stressed about missing the large orange body bag (though not us I assume). Of course we all met up at the right gate once again and made it home to Seattle. Which was not that much of a thrill considering the weather we met upon arrival.

Sorry again, to all the Bainbridge ferry commuters who had to look at our tans and happy faces on the way home. You all need to go to Nicaragua next January; you looked so grumpy and miserable, poor dears.

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