Sunday, January 01, 2006

From Kristi and Genevieve

Kristi and Genevieve blog:

Feliz ano Nuevo from Ometepe, We are amazed at what we see everyday. It is beautiful and wild. The bugs are extra large and a bit creepy, but really cool. The people are welcoming and gracious. Transportation is by bus, Burro, walking, or hitchhiking with the locals. We had a great ride in the back of a pickup with 8-10 local builders. Pat got to ride in the front seat. There is a photgraph on every corner. It's a lot like going to camp in the Jungle. We go to sleep to the sounds of howler monkeys and wake up to flocks of noisy parrots. We are getting our fill of rice and beans and refresco, (a local drink made of fruit juice). Standing at the top of the finca we look out at the Lake Nicarauga and the Volcano Concepion. It takes your breath away.

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Anonymous Rick Moyer said...

way to go Mom and Kristi! Don't let the bugs bite you! What an amazing world we live in eh? Have a great time and keep working hard.

Love, Your son and brother, Rick

January 01, 2006  

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