Sunday, January 01, 2006

Finally, a word from Celina...

Hola amigos!
So as to not disappoint those of you out there waiting with bated breath for word from me, I blog. It's hard to know what to say, as the other posts capture our experiences so well. Being here is different the second time around, but just as wonderful, and I am making a conscious effort to make new friends and try new things. (I wish I could say my Spanish has considerably improved). I've been to the festival (there's a 3 day festival going on just down from the finca) a couple of times now: drank lots of Victoria beer and sang 80's tunes, danced one dance with a random Ometepino, saw the craziness that was the rodeo, and walked 45 minutes down the road only to take a van back to where I began (not all in one night, thankfully).
This place is so beautiful and the people are so wonderful! But now I'm being bitten by ants, so I will go.... Time for some pinto gallo y huevos!
Hasta pronto!

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