Sunday, January 01, 2006

El Proyecto Tostador: chapter 4

This was the day we started roasting for Finca Magdalena’s needs, i.e. coffee brewing for serving cups at the cocina and sale of 1 lb bags of coffee to the tourists. The plan was to roast 5 batches of 4 lbs each. Since on Sundays the cocina crew changes (1 week on, 1 week off) there were a couple of roasters (tostadoras) who did not see the roaster or the process on Saturday, I did the first batch so all could see and then Oura, Cristina, Carmen, each took turns doing subsequent roasts. They actually roasted 13 kilos in 7 batches. Seven batches were quite dark, like full city ++ - partly due to the novice speed of getting the drum out and beans in the cooler. The last 3 batches they aimed for much lighter roasts - they came out before the end of 1st crack, so City- to me, or cinnamon. We talked about combining all the roasts but then after discussion decided to "grab" two visitors from England, prepare a cup of each and do blind tasting. Many took sips out of the cups and the majority preferred the darker roasts. But, José Maria liked the lighter. So, he and I talked some more and he said his opinion is not important; the opinion of the clientele is what matters.

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