Sunday, January 22, 2006

Domingo en Ometepe

Yesterday, Saturday, Ever, Yami and Evercito took me to see their new home under construction. You walk off the steps of the veranda, into the woods, find the big tree and turn left, go up Volcán Maderas about 200 yards. It is a magical spot, the highest situated house in the cooperative. From the front you can see the lake far down below; the side door frames Volcán Concepción.

Carmen, Yami's mother and my dear friend, and Jerry, one of the archeologists, came along too. Out back, in the "backyard" is a new fruit orchard, which means next year I will be picking naranjas y limones dulces. To the other side of the house is a new garden with nuevas plantas de piñas. I am very happy for the whole family. Somehow this family and their new home have an air of next generation about with a great sense of renewal and hope. I look forward to good times at this spot. See three generations of Ometepinos in photos - mom, daughter, and grandson.

The last photo is Santos, the current president of Cooperativa Carlos Diaz Cajina #1, a man with the kindness and generosity so typical of la gente de Ometepe. I was just having lunch with Elizabeth, Ed, and their son, Devon - Devon will be the volunteer at the BOSIA office in Altagracia for the next six months. Anyway, we are sitting and chatting and I see Santos go off, and shortly return with a handful of fresh wild ginger root. Soon, cups of hot ginger tea come to our table, Santos did not say a word to us, but the appearance of the cups of incredibly strong ginger spoke his friendship more than any words, in any language.

My stay here this time is winding down, as I said before this has been an overwhelmingly rewarding experience for me. I was walking the streets of Balgüe this morning and heard "¡Hola David!" many times, from many directions, doorways and yards. So many new friends, many of whom, embarrassingly, I do not know their names - some even whom I am sure I have not met personally. What a feeling of home and extended family. Soon, Manrrique and I will be taking one of the launchas to San Jorge, then on to Rivas, and then Managua for the flight home. I feel sadness at having to say goodbye, but unlike last year, I have a strong feeling that this is not my last time living under the twin peaks on Ometepe.

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Blogger Kristi said...

Hi David, How wonderful for Yami and Ever. Your trip continues to sound wonderful. I think of Ometepe many times a day and wonder when I will be able to visit again. If you see Elizabeth and Ed tell them hi from me I'm sorry we missed them. Kristi

January 23, 2006  
Blogger Roberto said...

David, this blog entry was very touching. I had tears in my eyes while reading it. They were also tears of happiness knowing that you have been captured by this infectious phenomenon. Diane and Roberto

January 23, 2006  

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