Thursday, January 12, 2006

Culture Shock Blues

The dogs were beside themselves with joy when I got home. My mom and Aunt Carol were in the middle of a cut throat cribbage game. The one thing I looked forward to MOST was a hot bath - BUT - I forgot to turn on the hot water. This morning I can't find anything, especially my shoes.

Emailed to Diane and David Wed night:

We made it home, wish we were still there

It is really cold and rainy. caught the 7:20 ferry and all the commuters looked miserable, grumpy and envious. Travel went smoothly. Houston is very organized, took no time at all to get through customs, though a few bags were rousted - Lee and his damn wood

Apparently the ride to Managua airport was quite exciting but I slept through the part where we played chicken with oncoming truck while passing another bus.

Lenny Vizsla was hysterical when he saw me. He looks so FAT and beautiful.

Jonathan met Celina at the airport and Ron met Genevieve and Kristi. The rest of us found a limo just hanging around. A few of us scrounged up enough money to pay and refused to play banker to settle the differences. Lee and Ilsa got stuck with the Bainbridge cab bill. What a scam that is! They try to make you pay at each stop thus collecting the fare several times over.

That's all for now, I'm about to crash. Send news updates when you have time.

reply email from Diane
Subject: RE: assorted rambling
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 07:47:51 -0800

Hi Kris, I came back to the island yeasterday with David and Manrrique, he went on to Balgue to pick up those papers I have been waiting for , back to managua today. David went on to BALGUE IN A DIFFERENT BUS THAN MANRRIQUE Because the bus was at the dock for Merida, I told him to take it to the corner where the road splits to go to Balgue, and then hitch a ride... hope he made it. Manrrique didnt leave til half hour later becasue he didn't know he would have to go to Balgue to get the papers til we went to the place where we stayed and they werent there. chat with you soon. love Diane and Roberto

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