Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chapter Who Knows

I have been away from the blog for too long now to do all the catch up - I will try and fill in Granada days later but I am going jump to the present and very recent past right now.

Yesterday was the group's departure from Nicaragua. We were all up at 4am at Don Alfredo's in Granada and Pablo with bus arrived a little late. We still managed to get everything loaded - including Enriqueta's "body bag", i.e. giant duffel, now holding Lee's must-have wood from Ometepe (apparently this caused some issues at customs later). It was sad to say goodbye to everyone but also exciting to begin part 2. So Diana, Manrique, Robertito and I were left eating some breakfast and then walked to the bus to Rivas at around 8am. I had talked a mother and daughter traveling pair to join us to Ometepe - they have no Spanish so they were happy to tag along. We left D, M and R in Moyogolpa to deal with Manrique's papers, and Joyce, Katy and I proceeded to Finca Magdalena. Well, it was a fill day of traveling, involving, bus, small boat lauch, we missed the "big" ferry, and more bus, hitching a ride and hiking the last little stretch. Walking up the hill from Balg├╝e gave me a strong sense of coming home, boy do I love this place and my friends here. We climbed the steps of the finca veranda at around 5:30 pm - that's about 9 hours from Granada to the finca - traveling here is a little different and slower. I headed to the very welcome cold shower.

Also, surprise, surprise, Peter A. had arrived the evening before, way ahead of David M.'s timetable - so good to see Peter again here and I am sure we will have some long chats and activities together. Had dinner with Peter, David and Lisa, good for my group separation blues and missing Kris.

And, it was really good to see the posts below from some of the returnees, i.e. the culture shocked.

Back to el proyecto de tostador - today, Thursday, was another roasting afternoon - Cristina did 13 kilos in about 4 hours, and the bags of coffee beans are being picked almost as fast as they can be filled. A young woman from Britain, near Scotland, had a plastic shopping bag with 8 bags she was taking home for gifts.

Also at dinner last night was a table of anthopologists doing field work on the Ometepe petroglyphs - they will be here till about the time I depart. Hope to get some stories out of them and curent information, thinking, science on the rock carvings.

Well, it's about 6pm up in "Red Libre" central and it's starting to get a little buggy so I will stop here and post more tomorrow with images that I have to work on a little first.
Buenas nochas todo.

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Anonymous Celina said...

Please say hi to Peter for me! And, it will be interesting to hear about the anthropologists. I was just thinking today that I could have stayed a bit longer.... oh well.
Take care!

January 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news about the roaster, David. I'm so glad that they like it & want to use it there. It's been raining every day here forever, it seems. Nothing dries out, and our yard is a muddy swamp. Wish I was there.

Peter K.

January 13, 2006  

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