Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back to "reality"

Culture Shock indeed.... "Back to the real world" we all said - I heard someone on the trip say at one point that we were in the real world, that "home" was somehow less real. I can understand that, and if you can't, you might need to go to Ometepe.
So, the trip was again an amazing experience of life, friendship, family, love, work, and nature. I had lots more group dynamic issues this time around, but they (and the cold I caught the last few days of the trip) didn't tarnish the overall experience. I got to see and do some different things this time (horseback riding, bull riding, canopy tour, Dona Lydia's), as well as visit and see some of the same places and people (petroglyphs, Dona Carmen and Santos, the monkeys and gardens). I can't wait to go again!
I'm spending the day inside (and alone), avoiding what's "out there": weather, work, life and everything else. I'm listening to latin music to ease the transition. Tomorrow I have to go to work!
David, I can't wait to see more pictures and hear how things go these next two weeks! Best of luck!
Maybe I'll post a couple pictures, if i can...

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Anonymous Kris said...

I was up at 6am Bainbridge time, ran the dogs in my Keen's sandels (where the hell are my shoes!), took Mum and Aunt Carol to Sheila's in Poulsbo for breakfast, fetched Maddie from doggy sleep away camp (Kelley didn't want her to leave), then curled up in bed to nap with the dogs listening to cable TV spanish soaps.

January 12, 2006  

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