Thursday, December 29, 2005

Andamos a Lago Cocibolca

A mile down the road from Finca Magdalena, west a bit and one finds Lago de Nicaragua aka Lago Cocibolca. Lee, Wes, Celina and Kris far outpaced the group walking into Balque and found themselves a quiet spot lakeside to wait for the others to catch up - which they never did.

When we returned, we found David Mitchell and Lisa Giles had arrived on Ometepe! Perfect timing to help David Adler con el espanol for la tostador demo.

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Ilse and Lee's photos of the new organic vegetable garden at Finca Magdalena. Like most projects Nica, this garden exists without the benefit of fancy tools or any garden implements at all. This land is not conducive to tractor use and the money doesn't exist to even purchase hoes, shovels or trowels. Like the paved roads, all work is done by hand. Another testiment to an amazing group of hard working people.

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