Sunday, December 18, 2005

Packing Party

How many people does it take to pack twelve suitcases supplied by BOSIA from the Rotary Auction? Donated items include: baby clothes and toys (Eddie Bauer Int'l Division), towels, bedding, threads and yarns (BI Knitters Guild members), medical supplies, coffee roaster attachments (the roaster is already in Managua), a defibrilater (Phillips-Heartstream), Spanish Scrabble and Monoply and more ....

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El Proyecto Tostador

Read comments to see updates on the story of the RKDrum roaster setup at Finca Magdalena, Coop Carlos Diaz Cajina #1, Balgüe, Isla de Ometepe.

Handy links to show my finca friends, including some explanations en español. Mi español es débil; for example, I called first crack "primera grieta". "Grieta" does mean crack, but it's like a crack in a rock wall, fissure, crevice. "Primero pop" seems like a better expression - for now.

Posted by David
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