Saturday, December 31, 2005

a little catching up

Top: Our Arrival
Middle: El Toro along the path of the petrogliph tour.
Bottom: Ancient Petrogliph

The time has passed quickly, its already new years eve. I am typing from the office, the wireless internet is not working so I have to quickly recap because of time restrictions. We had a wonderful lunch of rice, beans, cheese, plantains and salad yesterday at doña Lidias house. It was fabulous, then we waited for the bulls to pass by their drive, as there was corrida de toros in Balgue--una fiesta-- for three days. today we went on a petrogliph tour which is here next to the finca.

There was also much coffee roasting, and kris and david will certainly fill that chapter. It was tremendously exciting. I will try to post pictures soon, well, when the computer connection is better. Mostly, we are relaxing, and enjoying the hot weather. The monkeys, the birds, everything is wonderful!

also having fun speaking spanish, and seeing the families i met three years ago

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