Sunday, December 18, 2005

El Proyecto Tostador

Read comments to see updates on the story of the RKDrum roaster setup at Finca Magdalena, Coop Carlos Diaz Cajina #1, Balgüe, Isla de Ometepe.

Handy links to show my finca friends, including some explanations en español. Mi español es débil; for example, I called first crack "primera grieta". "Grieta" does mean crack, but it's like a crack in a rock wall, fissure, crevice. "Primero pop" seems like a better expression - for now.

Posted by David
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the word for crack or pop suggested to use is trono with the accent on the last "O" from the verb tronar, to thunder.

December 19, 2005  
Anonymous Celina said...

This is so great -- Thanks Kris! 5 days and counting!!!!

December 22, 2005  
Blogger David said...

Well it's down to the final packing. All of the roaster parts but one are packed. It's the 18" stainless steel strainer that does not seem to want to fit safely in any suitcase, so Kris is going to put it in a big shopping bag and it, hopefully, will be a carryon for her. The rotisserie rod and it's hardware are in a box that can be checked on. The propane grill itself and the cooling fan were items that I was pretty sure were going to be problematic to get on a plane from Seattle. So, Diane's friend Erick, who lives in Managua, got these for us locally at Pricesmart - someone from one of the Nicaragua discussion lists pointed me to Pricesmart as a possibility for the bbq grill. The stainless steel RK drum fit perfectly, in it's packing box, in one of the large suitcases, and it is under the watchful eyes of several stuffed animals, also journeying to Ometepe.

There are many thank you's for a bunch of people that helped me get this far with the roaster project. But I will work on posting those acknowledgments from Ometepe.

Back to the remaining piles and the suitcases and packs...

December 25, 2005  
Blogger David said...

Later night thought on the sifter - I've seen lot's of other solutions to the cooling apparatus - I might be able to get some screen at Ace and roll it up. Coop folk can fabricate a wood frame for it that would fit just right on the box fan. The roll will fit easily in one of the checked bags, Kris won't have to wear it as a traveling hat. So see what Ace has in the morning. The next post: nice roll of stainless screen, or, photo of Kris with hat.

December 25, 2005  
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